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What Most People Don’t Know About Willow Tree Figurines

Most people think Willow Tree figurines are made of wood – but here we expose the facts behind these amazing pieces. You may think they are turned in wood on a lathe but nothing could be further from the truth. Read on to discover how Willow Tree figurines are really designed, how they move from prototype to finished product and how this keeps the prices low. In reading this, you can find out exactly how individually sculpted artwork can be sold to the public at a prices you can afford.

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The journey starts with the artist Susan Lordi taking inspiration from the world of human emotion around her to create one figurine. Her inspiration comes from the world of dance, ballet and modern dancers movements influencing her range of figures where remember, emotion is only demonstrated through body language, not facial features. Susan also draws on the natural world and her everyday life with her family and friends. With movement, nature and strong relationships at the heart of her art, she moves onto the sculpting phase.

the dancer by tinosweeping willow at lake by Ayla87juliana by francogthe spring flowers by betoslater

Each piece is created by hand, where Susan moulds and carves a type of specialized sculpting clay. She uses sculpting knives, which are responsible for the characteristic ‘knife marked’ look of the pieces, perhaps why people assume they are wooden. Once complete, her original figurines are carefully packed for their journey to China where they are especially cast in resin. The process allows for those ‘knife marks’ to be reproduced exactly, keeping the original hand made look of each piece. The pieces are cured so they are ready for the next stage, the hand painted finishing in a soft, muted palette of colours.

The casting phase allows for each piece to retain its artisan crafted look yet be produced in a cost effective manner that ultimately means more people can enjoy these pieces. The eventual product for the consumer is an original artist design, hand sculpted in clay, reproduced in high detail yet retailing at a fraction of the price of a gallery piece.


This means these are items you really can buy for gift occasions right throughout the year, without having to save for each piece for that one special occasion. Although sadly recently Chinese made goods have been the subject of some safety scares, Susan takes the time to assure the public the figurine paints are lead free. The combination of original artwork and faithful reproduction probably accounts for the lines loyal and growing following, as people are able to enjoy new additions to her artwork collection year after year in their own homes.

By Kathy Ponsonby & Phillip Jeffreys

Photo Credits

The Dancer Weeping Willow at Lake Juliana (dancer in red)

The Spring Flowers