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Where Have These Been All Your Life?

If you haven’t heard of them, Willow Tree Figurines are secret find for gifts you should not miss out on. The range is artisan designed, hand sculpted affordable art you can give for many occasions. This introduction explains the concept behind these amazing pieces, why people avidly collect them and their special features. By reading this, you might just have stumbled the best gift idea you’ve ever found at everyday price.

willow angels (WinCE)

The figurines are sculpted to express emotions, a simple yet genius concept when you’re trying to choose a meaningful gift. Each figurine conveys an emotion, subtly yet pervasively, imbued with meaning for the person you give them to. This has lead a an incredible range of figurines suitable for many occasions – not just birthdays and Christmas, but weddings, graduation, parents whose children are starting school, any occasion  when you want to give a heart-warming gift. With the transmission of human emotion at the heart of these pieces, they have developed strong fan bases who even build large collections year after year.


The line of figures is added to each year; meaning for those who like to collect art pieces, this line is one to come back to time and time again. There are those who collect special ranges, such as the angel figurines in the lines, and those who go for the fuller range, amassing hundreds of pieces. The prices are reasonable enough to allow for collectors to enjoy a wonderful hobby without breaking the bank. With a combination of always expanding captivating figures at everyday prices, the figurines have some astounding features which will certainly surprise you.

One amazing fact is none of the figurines are sculpted without any facial detail – yet each exactly conveys a special expression of human sentiment. Moving right away from earlier figurine traditions, each piece has a subtle, understated quality. Emotion is conveyed using body language rather than frozen into facial features – and this gives the range its universal nature. Anyone can relate to these pieces, whereas with traditional figurines you may not connect with the face and attitude portrayed.

kid with book male

The figurines are an international phenomena, attracting attention not just in North America but these days the word has spread around the globe. Since they are miniature pieces, they will ship overseas again at more reasonable prices than you might expect for collectables. They are meaningful, affordable gifts from an ever expanding range and their emotional appeal is universal. With this in mind, you may well want to explore the range for the next time you’re hunting for a truly special gift.

By Kathy Ponsonby

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